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The Production Process

We think you're tired of brochures and websites that say, "Me. Me. Me." This portion of our site, "Procedures," has been found to be the part of our site most visited - by our clients, potential clients and even our competition. After 25 years in the media business, we've decided to offer some of our experience back to the community at large. Our belief in, "what goes around, comes around," is further supported by the thought that if everyone shared their best practices, we'd all live in a better, more productive world.

So this area (if not the entire site, really) is based on, "You. You. You."

Eight menu choices above represent the steps in the production process. Click any one for a comprehensive tutorial on all media in that category or read the text below to proceed sequentially.

Media production, like any high technology, is both mystifying and quickly changing. We thought you'd like to have a simple, no jargon, look behind the scenes - a "how to." This is not exactly a bible or textbook. We don't have all the answers. We hope, however, you can get acquainted with how the folks in our world apply thoughtware and hardware to your challenges.

Feel free to learn the craft of digital media within these pages. If you're thinking of a career in production, this is a good place to start. If you're a client, looking to try a new digital campaign for the first time, feel free to print this section and use it as a guidebook. If you're our competitor, accept a friendly challenge and send us your ideas to make the procedures better.

The best lesson we've learned, after all these years working together is this: We win or lose the business based on how much our clients enjoy working with us as people. A cheaper, better, faster vendor is a valuable asset, but a trusted vendor is priceless.

The first stage of the production process is to Select Media.

Last Updated: Aug 23, 2001
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